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V-Balance is a solution to help you get away from Vegetarian nutritional imbalance. Now you get more detail nutritional composition information when you scanned food. It has multiple modes and function.


Many people don't know what a real vegetarian diet is.

  • Vegetarians' understanding of vegetarian nutrition is incomplete;
  • Vegetarians generally believe that the choice of food is very single;
  • They are easy to choose unhealthy processed vegan foods;
  • It is easy to take in too much sugar and oil;
  • No more time to study vegetarian nutrition balance.


  • The V-balance application connects with your smart bracelet display the metrics of the user's daily physical fitness;
  • Provide a reasonable and balanced nutritional vegetarian diet recipe based on the user's daily physical fitness indicators;
  • Scan food or barcode, it will directly display the nutrients of the food through the mobile app;
  • A video platform that vegetarian cooking enthusiasts share their culinary experience;
  • Online social network platform.


Susan Johnson
36, Daly City

Design Manager
Status: Married
Lifestyle: Ethical Vegan
Salary: $160K
Character: Creative


  • Save time by being able to shop in one place;
  • The convenience of ordering from her cellphone anywhere, anytime;
  • Increase food options.


  • Time restriction: She spends a lot of time just looking for stuff;
  • She curently shop at 3 different places to full-fill her basic needs.

Jill Anderson
32, Berkeley

Marketing Manager
Status: Married/  1 Kid
Lifestyle: Ethical Vegan
Salary: $130K
Character: Responsible


  • The convenience of buying vegan products easily;
  • Learn about new products in the market.


  • Time restriction: She spends a lot of time just looking for stuff;
  • Lack of reach: Living in a smaller city she does not have many options.
  • Lack of information: She is not active on social media platforms and misses out on the latest information on vegan products.

Jack Rowland
33, San Francisco

Investment Manager
Status: Single
Lifestyle: Dietary Vegan
Salary: $250K
Character: Adventurous


  • Sustain on a vegan lifestyle;
  • Save time and effort by using a common platform to learn and buy stuff;
  • Save money on shipping costs.


  • Time restriction: He spends a lot of time just looking for stuff;
  • Lack of knowledge: On products, on lifestyle.

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