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"The State of Your Great Effort" - The Story of an AAU International Student

"Have you seen Los Angeles at 4 in the morning?" said Bryant - Bryant who was one of the best scorers in the NBA. I believe everyone is impressed with this sentence. But do you know the story of each AAU student at 4 AM?

“The State of Your Great Effort,” tells a typical night of AAU Chinese students. when they encounter unexpected accidents and impossible tasks, they feel frustrated, embarrassed, persistent, but they don't give up.

Leon is a graduate student of the AAU Visual Communication Department. In the evening before the spring show. it is time to 11 o'clock, Leon had just returned home from the school’s library. Suddenly the professor called him and hoped he could adjust his job better this evening and finish it before the Spring Show. Leon quickly followed the professor to modify the work.
An accident always comes suddenly. A blue screen appeared on the computer. Leon worked hard for a few hours, but he did not save the file. In the face of unexpected events, Leon was very frustrated, and he feared that unfinished work before the beginning of the spring show. He sent frustrating information in INS.

Surprises always happen after an accident. Many of my friends came from the Ins circle to encourage him to start work again. At the same time, the professor's information to him. All of this message inspired his fighting spirit! At 8 am before the Spring Show, Leon completed his work on time.

More than previous works touched the audience and professor in the spring show.


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