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Smart Brush Case study


Smart-Brush is a mobile matchmaking app. It breaks the traditional brushing method and combines fun and functional. Fun 360-degree visualization brushing teeth. The function of an oral health detection,  tooth washing reminder, data storage, and healing time reminder. It's your personal oral care specialist.


  • At present, oral problems in the United States have increasingly been valued by people;
  • Oral health not only affects people's health but more importantly affects people's social life and even work.


  • Break the traditional brushing method, and combine the function of toothpaste, dental floss, toothbrush, and water rinse. Using the principle of a vacuum cleaner, all the dirt on the teeth is sucked up;
  • Interesting: Brushing times reminder; music or other fun features in the brushing process;
  • Functionality: Visualization; 360-degree panoramic view of the tooth cavity; where to see where to brush;
  • Pathological: Test oral pH; oral bacteria detection, and automatic recording of the tooth process;
  • Medical: Surrounding dentist search, tooth washing reminder, data storage, and medical time reminder.

Statistical Data


I did research about three different direction competitors, Teeth 4 Life, Philips, and My Dentist. For this project, my goal is to combine the advantages of these applications.


  • It has instructional oral hygiene videos for all age groups;
  • It has guidance and a basic scoring system for your gum health;
  • It provides advice on checking yourself for oral cancer;
  • You have your own profile and scores.


  • No linkage with the product;
  • No daily reminders insufficient;
  • Not attention to daily dental care.


  • Visual brushing;
  • Removes up to 10x more plaque  just 2 weeks;
  • Removes up to 100% more stains in 3 days;
  • 3 different smart brush heads to pair with the;
  • 3 intensity levels and 4 modes.


  • Can't find a nearby dentist clinic with the app;
  • No interactive features connect the dentist;
  • No daily oral health record data;
  • No reminder features such as seeing a dentist.


  • Provided by Dental Anywhere, this app is perhaps the best in the realm of patient communication. Using this app, patients can explain their problems to you by sending you text, diagrams, and photos. When you receive their messages, you can send them succinct instructions, particularly in times of emergency. With this mode of communication, you can fix appointments with your patients, among other things.


  • High Price: Standard: $199 Set Up and $89/mo; Vision: $1,350 Set Up and $89/mo.

Target Audiences

Young People: Pay attention to their personal oral hygiene habits;
Parents: Helping children to build good oral hygiene habits.

Amy Brus
28, Los Angeles

Sales Operator
Gender: Female
Status: Married
Education: Graduate


  • She hopes that the new toothbrush will function like a dentist's dental cleaning tool, and hopes she can interact with her dentist at home all the time.

Kate Wu
35, San Bruno

UX Desinger
Gender: Female
Status: Married
Education: Graduate


  • She hopes to have a more comprehensive product to protect teeth, and She hopes to help her two children build good oral health habits, especially for daily brushing.

Clark Andrews
28, San Jose

Software Developer
Gender: Male
Status: Married
Education: Graduate


  • He feels like there’s a smarter way for him to transition into healthier teeth.

User Flow


User Testing

I ran a usability testing with two target users because both of them care about their oral health. They did the testing with low-fidelity wireframes and gave me some valuable feedback.

Testing Result

Problem Detail

  • The necessary features are missing from the prototype page;
  • There are some pages where the UI design does not match the user's experience.

Design Recommendations:

  • Reorganize, modify and optimize the user process;
  • Replace the washing and toothpaste functions on the first page with four functional options: fresh breath, mold removal, gum health, and whitening;
  • Add a button for start on the first page;
  • Add the monthly option to the fourth page;
  • Identify and modify the content on the fourth page (Dashboard page).

Testing Result

Problem Detail

  • The water and Toothpaste functions on the first page are a bit too weak as if they do not match the main function of the page;
  • It is recommended to include the monthly selection function in the Data page, which is convenient for finding the history of earlier dates;
  • There is no Start button on the first page, and the user will not know how to start the app function;
  • It is more convenience If can consider adding several optional brushing functions on the first page for the user to choose;
  • They think it is better than the title of the "Data" page can be changed to "History", which seems to be more make sense.

Design Recommendations:

  • Remove the water and toothpaste function on the first page;
  • Add a monthly selection function on the first;
  • Add 4 optional brushing functions on the first page;
  • Add a "Start" button on the first page;
  • Change the title of the "Data" page to "History".

Testing Result

Problem 1

  • The Sign-Up and login button is a little bit lower.

Solution 1

  • Move these two buttons upper a little bit.

Problem 2

  • None

Solution 2

  • Keep these two buttons current status.

Problem 3

  • The content on the right side button “Upload to doctor” is not very fit.

Solution 3

  • Change the content “Upload to the Doctor“ to “Send to Doctor”.

Problem 4

  • None

Solution 4

  • Keep these two dropdown icons design.

Final Design


Color Scheme


Logo Design


Key takeaways from this project

This project really taught me the importance of research. I did a lot of user interviews, web questionnaires, expert interviews, group interviews, and even one-on-one visits in this project. The results after my initial understanding and research analysis are 30% different. This result helped me to correct my subjective thoughts. I am able to start my project design more objectively. Although I spent a lot of time at the beginning of the project. But I think it is very worthwhile. This made my design really close to the user's needs from the beginning.

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