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Piano sparring CASE STUDY


Everyone has a musical dream. In order to realize this desire, many young people start their adult music learning every year, and the piano becomes their first choice. However, more practices the piano is difficult to learning, it requires a lot of perseverance. Many people have to give up their musical dreams on the way to practicing the piano.


For the beginner who is learning piano,  most of them are plagued by how to Keep practicing. Some people practicing by themselves, and the final result is not satisfactory. Some people hire a professional Piano coach for exercising every day, but the cost of hiring the coach is expensive.

So how do they get the satisfying result without paying much money?


PIANO SPARRING "One-on-one online sparring" for focusing on solving adult keep piano practicing problems. Through video technology, the professional music coach can comprehensively understand and timely regulate the beginner's hand, fingering, pitch rhythm, sitting posture and so on. Make the practice of the piano be no longer boring, ineffective, but vivid and compelling.

Statistical Data


I did research about three different direction competitors,,, and For this project, my goal is to combine the advantages of these applications.


  • Improve faster – Skoove shows you the right way to play the piano and gives you direct performance feedback;
  • Learn songs, the theory behind them and even proper technique – all blended together in each fun, interactive lesson;
  • Find personalized help with one-on-one support from our piano instructors.


  • Can't correct the playing of the piano at all times;
  • The number of online teachers is not enough, it is difficult to make an appointment;
  • Unable to view 360 degrees, no course recording.


  • The earliest online courses have a high reputation;
  • TakeLessons has a user-friendly interface and a great list of popular piano songs to choose from;
  • Complete the course setup and learning process quickly and easily.


  • It is not a special website for learning piano;
  • The teacher's concentration and professionalism are not enough;
  • There is no video recording;
  • No live-chat or face-to-face lesson support.


  • Tracks your progress, even with an acoustic piano;
  • The user interface is easy to navigate;
  • It has section looping.


  • A limited number of music theory and sight-reading lessons;
  • Fewer lesson plans than other options;
  • Music is not printable.


Zhaoyang Zhang
25, San Diego

Part time worker
Status: Single
Education: Graduate Student
Family: Lives with his girlfriend


  • Quickly improve the skills of the piano profession;
  • Can become a qualified piano trainer.


  • The time for practicing the piano is not fixed, and I like the time in the evening;
  • The cost of a general piano course is relatively high;
  • I can't find the problem and solve it in time.

Michèle Gurdal
27, San Francisco

Marketing Assistant
Status: Single
Education: Master
Family: Lives with her boyfriend


  • Constantly improve the piano level and pass the higher piano test;
  • Piano exercises have become more interesting.


  • It is boring to practice the piano by one person;
  • When the piano is practiced, the spirit is not concentrated, and it is easy to waste time.

Pamela Lora
30, San Jose

Piano Instructor
Status: Married
Education: Master
Family: Lives with her family


  • More and more people learn piano on the online course;
  • Become a professional piano sparring for many people.


  • Learning the piano in a traditional way can't help more people;
  • Many students can't insist on practicing the piano alone;
  • Great contradiction in limited weekend time and a lot of students.

User Flows

User Flow 1:

The student who is a beginner wants to use this app to make a schedule.

User Flow 2:

The student who wants to take the classes that they have scheduled from this app.

User Flow 3:

Piano Sparring who wants to through this app to help student practice piano.

Interaction Flow Maps

Mobile app interaction map base on User Flow 1:

Mobile app interaction map base on User Flow 2:

Mobile app interaction map base on User Flow 3:

User Testing

I ran a usability testing with two target users because both of them love to play the piano. They did the testing with low-fidelity wireframes and gave me some valuable feedback.

Testing Result

  • When the tester started to use this app, she thinks that a new “Landing Page” that with the “Log in” function is necessary so that users can directly to log in their account or create a new account;
  • When the tester goes to visit the “Dashboard” page, she likes to have the “Search” function on this page that she can directly do the searching.

Testing Result

  • When the tester after searching and goes to visit the “Piano Sparing Profile” page, she thinks that this page should not be needed, users can directly from the “Searching Result” page go to the “Sparring Detail” page;
  • When the tester goes to visit the “Searching Result” page, She feels that the current horizontal scrolling method should be changed to a tabular method so that users can make comparisons very quickly.

Final Design


Color Scheme


Logo Design & Usages


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